About OSB

OSB or the Old School Bongs was formed on 2019 by Manoj & Debarghya which is a Bengali Rock duo with Original tunes that has the home of classic rocks, psychedelic rock , hard rocks and heavy metals. The journey of OSB was started way back in 1991 when Manoj Dutta came down from all over Nagaon, Assam to Sodepur with a dream to form a Rock band when a few knew about this form of genre in Kolkata. Initially the band (not known as OSB then)was formed with a few musicians who started playing western numbers in the jam pad  along with popular numbers of Mohiner Ghoraguli in the beginning. 

With the passage of time the band broke up as the band members, being swallowed by lucrative commercial music, started to lose faith on the genre & adding insult to injury they started to disbelief the compositions of Manoj & never took on stage. On the other hand Manoj continued to create original tunes all alone only to find no one who could add words to his compositions. After twenty five years a guy named Debarghya Samaddar with a passion for Rock n’ Roll from Sodepur accidentally met Manoj at a party in 2018. Debarghya who was roaming at the local studios those days recording cover songs for his personal Youtube channel met Manoj & they became inseparable friends as he was attracted by the melody creation of Manoj . 

Very soon he started to pen down the lyrics & gradually the duo went on recording five audio tracks in 2020 with the help of various session artists. And finally after a long wait they released “kotha mon dubechilo” in various audio platforms in 2020 during the Covid 19 lockdown under the name of Old School Bongs & after getting good response , they released their first official video from their Youtube channel , Tui  on the eve of Valentine’s Day 2021 which got excellent response from audience. Presently OSB is working on the release of their other tracks in the form of music videos. So come, let’s soak ourselves in the solace.